SGIS Parents

At SGIS schools , you’ll find SGIS parents joining in and supporting their child’s learning, both in the classroom and at home.

Inspired by a whole world of mums, dads, grandparents, guardians and carers, we’ve put together some great resources and regular activities to engage and involve you.

Parent engagement

You can play an active role in your child’s education

Every AIAA school is unique, yet every school we run is committed to working closely with you, the parents. Your children may be the most important people we work with, but it’s you who make their education a true success.

All over the world, our schools are inviting parents into the classroom, getting you involved in both teaching and learning.

Working with so many diverse cultures and communities means that we have a whole world of mums, dads, guardians and carers to draw on for expertise and support. We love to make use of your amazing resources. That’s why we regularly run carefully developed parental engagement and parental involvement activities and events in our schools.

Parental involvement

Bake sales, charity fundraisers, cultural activities, reading time – there are so many ways for you to get involved in your child’s education at your AIAA school.

Getting hands-on doesn’t just show your support for your child, it’s also a brilliant way to get involved in school life; meeting SGIS teachers, talking to other SGIS parents and finding out what your student’s classmates are up to.

Thanks to the involvement of SGIS families, our schools are lively hubs in their local communities. Read some of our school stories to see some of the ways AIAA families get involved!

Parental engagement

There’s more to getting involved in your child’s education than helping with school events. If you want to make sure your child keeps learning even after they’ve left the school gates, we’re proud promoters of strong parental engagement.

Parental engagement is a little different to parental involvement. It’s all about taking learning out of the classroom and keeping it going at home.

International research shows that parents who are actively engaged in their child’s learning can give them an extra two to three years worth of schooling on top of their classroom experience. And it’s not all about academic success either. In fact, good parental engagement can help your child learn even better social skills, an essential accomplishment for the future.

Every parent, regardless of culture, language or experience, has something special to offer their child. Engaged parents value education. They are strong role models of learning. All it takes is a 3-a-day approach:

  • Talk about learning
  • Share learning
  • Encourage learning

Are you ready to become a more engaged parent and help your child learn both in the classroom and at home? To find out more about how we promote parental engagement get in touch with your  School.